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The Raftsmen

By (author) Ryan Barnett
Illustrated by Dmitry Bondarenko
Categories: General and world history

In The Raftsmen, author and documentary filmmaker Ryan Barnett takes readers on an astonishing maritime adventure set in the aftermath of World War II. For four French expatriates who escaped the clutches ...

Gold Rush!

Aussi disponible en français
Ruée vers l’or ! Eldorado en Colombie-Britannique

Some say that Western Canada began with the railway. In fact, it began with a gold rush. Relive the tumultuous ...

Acts of Occupation

In Acts of Occupation, historians Cavell and Noakes deliver the engrossing story of Canada’s early days of Arctic policy. Drawing on a wealth of previously untapped archival sources, they show how one ...

Canadians in Space

By (author) John Melady
Categories: General and world history

In 1984, Marc Garneau became Canadas first astronaut and a national hero. Since then, seven of his fellow citizens have followed in his footsteps, many more than once. This book was written as a twenty-fifth ...

The Arctic Voyages of Martin Frobisher

From the book: "They were five weeks out of England, driving through a storm on the icy edge of the world, when a sudden blast knocked Gabriel on her side. The helmsman tried frantically to turn the tiny ...

The Franklin Conspiracy

By (author) Jeffrey Blair Latta
Introduction by John Robert Colombo
Categories: General and world history

The Franklin Conspiracy is an absorbing account of the single most enigmatic event in Canadian history. In 1845, two British Royal Navy ships, the Erebus and the Terror, commanded by Sir John Franklin, ...

The Noble Savage

By (author) Stelio Cro
Foreword by Aubrey Rosenberg
Categories: Literature: history and criticism

Stelio Cro’s revealing work, arising from his more than half dozen previous books, considers the eighteenth-century Enlightenment in the context of the European experience with, and reaction to, the ...