Applied ecology

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Accidental Wilderness

By (author) Walter H. Kehm
By (photographer) Robert Burley
Categories: Applied ecology

Accidental Wilderness is a rich and lyrical collection of essays curated by internationally recognized landscape architect and original designer of Tommy Thompson Park, Walter H. Kehm. A stunning collection ...


By (author) Andrés R Edwards
Foreword by Marc Bekoff
Categories: Applied ecology

Renewal explores the science behind why being in nature makes us feel alive and helps us thrive. Backed by cutting-edge research in cognitive science, Edwards weaves stories that reveal nature’s genius, ...

The Peace-Athabasca Delta

By (author) Kevin P. Timoney
Categories: Applied ecology

In the delta, water is boss, change is the only constant, and creation and destruction exist side by side. The Peace-Athabasca Delta in northern Alberta is a globally significant wetland that lies within ...

Cold Matters

By (author) Robert William Sandford
Categories: Applied ecology

Cold Matters is a vital and approachable work that distills the scientific complexities of snow, ice, water and climate and presents the global implications of research put forth and funded by the Canadian ...

Ecology and Wonder in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Heritage Site

By (author) Robert W. Sandford
Categories: Applied ecology

Ecology and Wonder makes several remarkable claims: The greatest cultural achievement in the Western Canadian mountain region is what has been preserved, not what has been developed. Protecting the spine ...

Kick the Fossil Fuel Habit

By (author) Tom Rand
Managing editor Dave Clark
Categories: Applied ecology

“If the climate crisis had struck fifty years ago, we should have had no alternatives to fossil fuels. Today, there are many alternatives, and Tom Rand’s book, Kick, is a superb introduction. ” ...

Every Grain of Sand

Edited by J.A. Wainwright
Categories: Literary essays

Universal in scope, yet focusing on recognizable Canadian places, this collection of essays connects individuals’ love of nature to larger social issues, to cultural activities, and to sustainable technology. ...