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A diplomat is captured by supposed insurgents and is waiting in a room for his execution. Texas is a provocative story of death against the backdrop of ugly and uncompromising politics. It is also a meditation ...

Le cercle des six

Rien ne Ewen prédisposait à obtenir une seconde chance. Pourtant, un soir de beuverie, il met la main sur un message laissé par le professeur Dufort quelques minutes avant sa mort.

The Spoon Stealer

Emmeline has liberated hundreds of spoons over her lifetime—from the local library, Cary Grant, Winston Churchill. She is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she ...

Saving Tiberius

By (author) Gordon Jones
Categories: Adventure fiction

Morgan Watson has a problem. When word leaked that his cat, Tiberius, miraculously cured itself of diabetes and may hold the key to a cure, he is attacked in his home and almost killed in a bloody fight. ...

Land Beyond the Sea

By (author) Kevin Major
Categories: Historical fiction


In the small hours of October 14, 1942, a German U-boat sank ...

The Afrikaner

By (author) Arianna Dagnino
Categories: Adventure fiction
Series: Essential Prose Series

A hijacking in deeper Johannesburg goes horribly wrong. Zoe du Plessis, a paleontologist of Afrikaner origin, is suddenly confronted with her family's secret, seemingly wrapped in an old Xhosa's spell. ...

Shadow Stitcher

Basil Stark isn’t the man he once was. A reformed pirate and private detective, he walks the line between criminal and hero, living in the corners of what was once the island of Neverland, its magic ...

A Circle on the Surface

It’s 1943. Enman and Una Greene are newly married. Enman brings Una to his childhood home in rural Barrein, Nova Scotia, where Una feels increasingly trapped, and longs for the city life she once had. ...

Full Curl

Poachers and bureaucrats: park warden Jenny Willson considers them equally repulsive and worthy of the same fate. When she discovers animals disappearing from Canada’s mountain parks, Willson finds ...