Narrative theme: Sense of place

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The Hunter and the Old Woman

In the tradition of Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Bear by Claire Cameron, The Hunter and the Old Woman is a breathtaking debut novel told through the voices of Cougar and Man, two creatures utterly ...

Running Downhill Like Water

By (author) Jane Woods
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

Set in a small town in Québec, Running Downhill Like Water consists of four interconnected stories spanning fifty years of the lives of people whose ­prospects have been violently shattered.

All I Ask

By (author) Eva Crocker
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

Like Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends and Eileen Myles’s Chelsea Girls, All I Ask by the award-winning and highly acclaimed author Eva Crocker is a defining novel of a generation, a bold ...

Some People's Children

Imogene Tubbs has never met her father and, raised by her grandmother, she only sees her mother sporadically. But as she grows older, she learns that many people in her small, rural town believe her father ...

Here the Dark

From stories on the streets of Danang, Vietnam, where a boy falls in with a young American missionary, to the Canadian prairies, where an aging rancher finds himself smitten and a teenage boy’s infatuation ...

All That Belongs

By (author) Dora Dueck
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

Catherine, an archivist, has spent decades committed to conserving the pasts of others, only to find her own resurfacing on the eve of her retirement. Carefully, she mines the failing memories of her ...

Moon of the Crusted Snow

When a remote, northern community is cut off from its usual services because of an unknown apocalyptic event, the community must re-learn its ability to live on its own, even in the face of survivalists ...


Returning to her childhood home on Mikinaak Island after a 20 year absence, Mina McInnis unravels the incidents that caused her family’s disintegration. She is determined to uncover the truth about ...

The Deserters

Shifting across three countries, the novel explores themes of trust, isolation, abandonment, and emotional disconnection in a world dramatically altered by the experience of war. Eugenie is trying—and ...


By (author) Joey Comeau
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

Sunday’s father is dying of cancer. They’ve come home to Malagash, on the north shore of Nova Scotia, so he can die where he grew up. Her mother and her brother are both devastated. Devastated doesn’t ...