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Hitler's Cosmopolitan Bastard

By (author) Martyn Bond
Categories: European history

The remarkable story of Austro-Japanese Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the Pan-European Union following the First World War, which offered a vision of peaceful, democratic unity for Europe, ...

Authorized Heritage

By (author) Robert Coutts
Categories: History of the Americas

"Authorized Heritage" analyses the history of commemoration at heritage sites across western Canada. Using extensive research from predominantly government records, it argues that heritage narratives ...

Canada 1919

With compelling insight, Canada 1919 examines the concerns of Canadians in the year following the Great War: the treatment of veterans, including nurses and Indigenous soldiers; the rising farm lobby; ...

The Typewriter Century

With quirky charm, Lyons captures the intensity of the relationship between writers and their typewriters from the 1880s, when the machine was first commercialized, to the 1980s, when word-processing ...

Seen but Not Seen

By (author) Donald B. Smith
Categories: History of the Americas

Seen but Not Seen explores the history of Indigenous marginalization and why non-Indigenous Canadians failed to recognize Indigenous societies and cultures as worthy of respect. Approaching the issue ...


By (author) T. Joseph Scanlon
Edited by Roger Sarty
Categories: History of the Americas

Catastrophe weaves together compelling stories and potent lessons from the calamitous Halifax explosion—the worst non-natural disaster in North America pre-911. The book explores how the explosion influenced ...

Deep and Sheltered Waters

By (author) David R. Gray
Foreword by Nancy J. Turner & Robert D. Turner
Categories: Historical geography

This book brings to light the fascinating story of a community and place: Tod Inlet, near Victoria, British Columbia. From the original inhabitants of the Tsartlip First Nation to the lost community of ...

A Bounded Land

By (author) Cole Harris
Categories: History of the Americas

How was society reorganized—for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike—when Europeans resettled this distinctive land? Through a series of vignettes that focus on people’s experiences on the ...

Identifying as Arab in Canada

By (author) Houda Asal
Translated by Mary Foster
Categories: History of the Americas

Using archival research, media analysis, laws and statistics, and a series of interviews, Asal offers a thorough examination of the institutions that Arab migrants and their descendants built, and the ...

Jeannie’s Demise

By (author) Ian Radforth
Categories: Social and cultural history

August 1, 1875, Toronto: The body of a young woman is discovered in a pine box, half-buried in a ditch along Bloor Street. So begins Jeannie’s Demise, a real-life Victorian melodrama that played out ...