Middle Eastern history

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Under the Nakba Tree

Mowafa Said Househ’s family fled Palestine in 1948 and arrived in Canada in the 1970s. He grew up in Edmonton, Alberta as a visible minority and a Muslim whose family had a deeply fractured history. ...

Voyages en Afghani

By (author) Guillaume Lavallée
Categories: Middle Eastern history
Series: Essai

En janvier 2017, un jeune homme tue six hommes priant à la grande mosquée de Québec. Journaliste au Moyen-Orient, l’auteur Guillaume Lavallée s’interroge sur les raisons et origines de cette haine. ...


Homes is the remarkable true story of how a young boy emerged from a war zone—and found safety in Canada—with a passion for sharing his story and telling the world what is truly happening in Syria. ...

Apartheid in Palestine

“This collection of essays is a poignant cry for justice, far too long delayed. ” –Noam Chomsky

There are more than two sides in the conflict between Palestine and Israel. There are millions. Millions ...

The Diplomacy of Impartiality

By (author) Zachariah Kay
Categories: Diplomacy

The Diplomacy of Impartiality is an analysis of a major decade in Canadian–Israeli relations, dealing with significant events that led to the Six-Day War of 1967 and its aftermath. Using primary documentation ...