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Home Game

Tamasz Wolfstein escaped from Hungary with his parents when he was eight years old. They found refuge in Montreal, and Tamasz, who now goes by Tommy, or Wolfie to his soccer teammates, has become thoroughly ...

Jacob Isaac Segal

By (author) Pierre Anctil
Translated by Vivian Felsen
Categories: Social and cultural history
Series: Canadian Studies

Celebrated Montréal writer Jacob Isaac Segal (1896–1954) paved the way for a major literary movement in the North American Jewish diaspora. In tracing the poet’s literary trajectory, this book reflects ...

Passing Ceremony

By (author) Helen Weinzweig
Introduction by Jim Polk
Categories: Fiction: general and literary

The brilliant debut novel by Helen Weinzweig, one of the first feminist writers in Canada and the award-winning author of Basic Black With Pearls.

In Helen Weinzweig’s brilliant debut novel, a wedding ...

In Many Waters

“This captivating novel explores the unmaking and remaking of families, as well as the dark secrets and grim histories that can destroy lives. In Many Waters is a profound and moving work. ” –Joseph ...

Dead Man, The

“Nora Gold is a natural storyteller, and her ability to make us understand the shimmering and complex landscape of love has its haunting echoes in the Israeli landscape. ” —Jay Neugeboren, author ...

Basic Black with Pearls

By (author) Helen Weinzweig
Categories: Fiction: general and literary
Series: A List

A lost feminist classic — and winner of the Toronto Book Award — reissued to coincide with the 35th anniversary of publication.

In her yearning, elusive search for a lover, Shirley Kaszenbowski sheds ...

In the Unlikeliest of Places

By (author) Annette Libeskind Berkovits
Foreword by Daniel Libeskind
Categories: Biography: general
Series: Life Writing

“Cinematically gripping (. . . ) A moving tale that’s emotionally powerful and historically edifying. ” –Kirkus Reviews

“The deeper I went into In the Unlikeliest of Places, the more I found ...

Ten Old Men and a Mouse

The synagogue was once a busy, bustling place, but now only ten old men come to tend it and pray each day. Then one day, a little scritch-scratch betrays the first new member in years: a tiny mouse who ...

Hiding Edith

Hiding Edith is the remarkable story of a young girl and the village that helped her. Its mayor and citizens concealed the presence of hundreds of Jewish children who lived in a safe house.

Daughters of the Ark

A coming-of age story about two girls, separated in time by thousands of years, who are forced to leave their homes and make a dangerous journey to an unknown land.