Christian life and practice

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Do Monkeys Go to Heaven? 2.0

By (author) John McCarthy
Categories: Christian life and practice

With the success of Do Monkeys Go To Heaven?, scientist Fr. John McCarthy guides us on another book of reflection on the breathtaking wonder and beauty of God’s presence in creation. Still focusing ...

Youth Spirit 2

By (author) Cheryl Perry
Categories: Christian life and practice
Series: Youth Spirit

Need a few bright ideas for your next youth group meeting? No need to panic! Youth Spirit 2 is filled with great suggestions you can use to create meaningful programs and build community. Just like the ...

I'd Say Yes, God If I Knew What You Wanted

By (author) Nancy Reeves
Categories: Christian life and practice

"What do you want from me, God?" If you’ve ever struggled with this question, but haven’t found a way to answer it, then this book is for you. Real-life stories from 75 men and women open up a world ...

Religious Abuse

By (author) Keith Wright
Categories: Christian life and practice

As a pastor with 40 years of experience, Keith Wright came to realize that a dichotomy exists within the walls of many churches. While many churchgoers find the environment wonderfully embracing and supportive, ...

Témoigner de Dieu aujourd'hui

By (author) Michel Proulx
Preface by Gérald C. Lacroix
Categories: Christian life and practice

À partir de textes bibliques, ce livre explore l’annonce de la Parole de Dieu. Porté par l’Esprit saint, il convient d’oser exprimer ce qui a été personnellement ruminé et intégré de la foi ...