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The Alchemist's Portrait

On a school trip to the museum, Matthew has an eerie meeting with Peter Glimmer, a 17th-century Dutch boy imprisoned in his own portrait. Peter Glimmer entrusts Matthew with recovering from the past the ...

The Beothuk of Newfoundland

By (author) Ingeborg Marshall
Categories: European history

A wonderful history of the Red Indians of Newfoundland. Exciting in its detail, this book shares all available information conce ing every aspect of Beothuk life-housing, clothing, hunting methods, arts ...

The Noble Savage

By (author) Stelio Cro
Foreword by Aubrey Rosenberg
Categories: Literature: history and criticism

Stelio Cro’s revealing work, arising from his more than half dozen previous books, considers the eighteenth-century Enlightenment in the context of the European experience with, and reaction to, the ...