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Le Goût délicieux d'une mozzarella!

Voyagez dans le temps pour faire la rencontre de Piotr Ilitch Tchaïkovsky en suivant Minime, une charmante petite souris qui raffole du fromage et de la musique ! Sasha et Bobik attendent impatiemment ...

Leo Tolstoy and the Canadian Doukhobors

By (author) Andrew Donskov
Categories: Anthologies: general

As an idealist, Leo Tolstoy was constantly searching for practical applications to his philosophical ideas. He found a prime example in the religious group of the Doukhobors, whom he personally helped ...

Polish War Veterans in Alberta

By (author) Aldona Jaworska
Categories: Second World War

In the aftermath of World War II, more than 4,500 Polish veterans, displaced by war and the Soviet-oriented Polish government, were resettled in Canada as farm workers; 750 of these men were accepted ...

Surviving the Gulag

By (author) Ilse Johansen
Edited by Heather Marshall
Translated by Hans Rudolf Gahler
Introduction by Michael Seadle
Categories: Memoirs

The first-person account of a German woman who survived five years in Russian prison camps.

“It is getting colder and colder. At -38°C we don’t have to work any more. ” Surviving the Gulag is the ...

Archetypes from Underground

Uncovers archetypal imagery in Dostoevsky’s works ad argues that archetypes bring a new dimension to our understanding and appreciation of his works.

In this interdisciplinary study, Harrison analyzes ...

The Strange Odyssey of Poland's National Treasures, 1939-1961

By (author) Gordon Swoger
Categories: European history

The Strange Odyssey of Poland’s National Treasures, 1939-1961 tells the story of the Polish national treasures --their evacuation from their homeland under perilous conditions after the German invasion ...

The Beothuk of Newfoundland

By (author) Ingeborg Marshall
Categories: European history

A wonderful history of the Red Indians of Newfoundland. Exciting in its detail, this book shares all available information conce ing every aspect of Beothuk life-housing, clothing, hunting methods, arts ...