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Around England with a Dog

By (author) Lesley Choyce
Categories: Travel and holiday

The story of two seasoned and intrepid Canadian travellers, Lesley and Linda Choyce, who embark on a new adventure with their West Highland terrier, Kelty.

Lesley Choyce is a 70-year-old year-round North ...

On Foot to Canterbury

By (author) Ken Haigh
Categories: Travel guides: routes and ways
Series: Wayfarer

Setting off on foot from Winchester, Ken Haigh hikes across southern England, retracing a traditional route that medieval pilgrims followed to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. ...

Secret History

By (author) Simon Ball
Categories: European history

A provocative, rigorously researched study that questions what we think we know about British intelligence. Shining an intense light on the history of Britain’s intelligence organizations, Secret History ...

Big Business and Hitler

By (author) Jacques R. Pauwels
Categories: European history

Basing his work on the recent findings of scholars in many European countries and the US, Jacques Pauwels explains how Hitler gained and held the support of powerful business interests who found the well-liked ...

Romancing the Revolution

By (author) Ian Bullock
Categories: European history

In the years immediately following the First World War and the 1917 Russian Revolution, many of those on the British Left were tempted, to a greater or lesser degree, by what Ian Bullock calls the “myth” ...

Canada and the End of Empire

Edited by Phillip Buckner
Categories: European history

Sir John Seeley once wrote that the British Empire was acquired in “a fit of absence of mind. ” Whatever the truth of this comment, it is certainly arguable that the Empire was dismantled in such ...

Royal Spectacle

By (author) Ian Radforth
Categories: European history
Series: Heritage

In 1860, Queen Victoria sent her eighteen-year-old son, Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, on a goodwill mission to Canada and the United States. The young heir-apparent (later King Edward VII) had not yet ...