Civics and citizenship

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Still Hopeful

By (author) Maude Barlow
Categories: Civics and citizenship

From her days in second-wave feminist activism to her battle against the precursor to NAFTA to her indefatigable fight for social justice and water rights for all, Maude shares her stories and her expertise ...


By (author) Graeme Truelove
Foreword by Ihsaan Gardee
Categories: Civics and citizenship

Un-Canadian: Islamophobia in the True North is a provocative warning to Canadians that the values they cherish are being eroded through a disturbing pattern of political, legal, and social prejudice against ...

Whose Streets?

In June 2010 activists opposing the G20 meeting held in Toronto were greeted with arbitrary state violence on a scale never before seen in Canada. Whose Streets? is a combination of testimonials from the ...

Narratives of Citizenship

Examining various cultural products?music, cartoons, travel guides, ideographic treaties, film, and especially the literary arts?the contributors of these thirteen essays invite readers to conceptualize ...

The Canadian Regime

Lucid and readable, The Canadian Regime is a well-established, well-known introduction to Canadian government. By explaining the inner logic of parliamentary government, as well as the underlying rationale ...

Let Right Be Done

In 1973 the Supreme Court of Canada issued a landmark decision in the Calder case, confirming that Aboriginal title constituted a right within Canadian law. Let Right Be Done examines the doctrine of Aboriginal ...