Age groups and generations

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By (author) Marion Agnew
Categories: Coping with ageing

Most people think Alzheimer’s Disease is the same as memory loss, if they think about it at all, and hope that if they ignore it hard enough, it will go away. Marion Agnew’s world changed as her mother—a ...

The Challenge of Children's Rights for Canada, 2nd edition

More than a quarter of a century has passed since Canada promised to recognize and respect the rights of children under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ratification of the Convention ...

Neither Married Nor Single

When Dr. David Kirkpatrick’s wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2007, their lives—and their marriage—would change forever. In an honest, uplifting, sometimes heartbreaking account ...

Le Québec par ses enfants

By (author) André Turmel
Categories: Age groups: children
Series: PUM

De 1850 à 1950, le Québec transite d’une société rurale vers une société en voie d’industrialisation qui s’installe peu à peu dans la modernité urbaine. Dans cet important ouvrage, l’auteur ...

Hearing Voices

Qualitative methods are increasingly useful as psychiatry shifts from a focus on symptom reduction to enabling people to live satisfying and meaningful lives. It becomes important to achieve a deeper ...

Family Matters

This refreshingly succinct and engaging introduction to family sociology in Canada has a strong focus on contemporary theory and research on a wide variety of substantive issues relevant to the lives ...

What Parents Need to Know About Teens

What Parents Need to Know about Teens addresses the facts and myths of teen life and teens’ relationships with parents. Each section of the booklet is devoted to a different parenting strategy.

Social Work Practice and the Elderly, Third Edition

Edited by Michael Holosko
Categories: Social work

This third edition of Social Work Practice with the Elderly describes significant practice issues and current challenges facing gerontological social workers, who are working with the fastest growing demographic ...

Making Babies

Although the infant has been a consistent figure in literature (and, for many people, a significant figure in personal life), there’s been little attention focused on infants, or on their place in Canadian ...

Children in English-Canadian Society

“So often a long-awaited book is disappointing. Happily such is not the case with Sutherland’s masterpiece. ” Robert M. Stamp, University of Calgary, in The Canadian Historical Review “Sutherland’s ...