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Team Chemistry

Explores what is needed to foster a healthy culture—the common element in winning teams—and provides coaches and sports administrators, at all levels, with action plans for developing a positive environment that ...

Canada's Holy Grail

By (author) Jordan B. Goldstein
Categories: History of sport

In 1892, Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley donated the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup – later known as the Stanley Cup – to crown the first Canadian hockey champions.

Canada’s Holy Grail documents Lord ...

Honouring High Places

By (author) Helen Y. Rolfe & Junko Tabei
Translated by Yumiko Hiraki & Rieko Holtved
Categories: Sport: general

A collection of stories and reflections based on the memoirs of Junko Tabei (1939–2016), the first woman to climb Mount Everest and the Seven Summits.

New in paperback, Honouring High Places is a compelling ...

On Foot to Canterbury

By (author) Ken Haigh
Categories: Travel guides: routes and ways
Series: Wayfarer

Setting off on foot from Winchester, Ken Haigh hikes across southern England, retracing a traditional route that medieval pilgrims followed to the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral. ...

NBA 75

By (author) Dave Zarum
Categories: Basketball

In NBA 75, Sportsnet editor and basketball super fan Dave Zarum tells the story of the NBA, all 75 years—from its early barnstorming days to the multibillion-dollar sports league it is today.
NBA 75 ...

Repenser l'entraînement - Déjouer les limites mentales - Cultiver plaisir et performance

This book contains a myriad of advice and specific tips that, taken together, will make a huge difference in your running life, by enabling you to get the most benefit and enjoyment out of your favourite ...


By (author) Rocky Johnson & Scott Teal
Categories: Wrestling

Though these days he’s known best as the Rock’s father, Rocky Johnson was one of the most successful wrestlers of the 1970s and 80s. Here he tells his story: homeless in Nova Scotia and Toronto at ...

Power Play

Power Play tells a dramatic story about clashing priorities where sports, money, and municipal power meet. When the Rogers Place arena opened in downtown Edmonton, no amount of buzz could drown out the ...


Of the estimated 35,000 people that attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania every year, about half do not make it to the top. There are several reasons for this, but one of the primary blocks is ...