c 1938 to c 1946 (World War Two period)

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Un bisou coquelicot

By (author) Marie-France Comeau
Illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel
Categories: Children’s picture books

Aly passe le jour du Souvenir avec son arrière-grand-père. Ce dernier s’est fait tout beau, béret sur la tête et médailles bien alignées sur sa poitrine de vétéran. Cling, clang, cling... Une ...

La mauvaise mère

Marguerite Andersen a huit ans quand Hitler prend le pouvoir, quinze quand la Seconde Guerre mondiale éclate, vingt au lendemain de l’armistice. Yeux baissés devant l’horreur, toute à sa soif de ...

Du beurre ou des canons

Ce livre explore l’expérience de la faim et des privations, constitutive de l’histoire allemande au début du XXe siècle, ainsi que le reflet de cette expérience dans la mémoire sociale, comprise ...

Canada at War

By (author) J.L. Granatstein
Categories: Second World War

Canada at War examines the impact of both world wars on Canada and Canadians by examining conscription, foreign policy, and politics, with William Lyon Mackenzie King, Canada’s longest-serving prime ...

The Taste of Longing

By (author) Suzanne Evans
Categories: Second World War

Half a world away from her home on Manitoulin Island, Ethel Mulvany is starving in Singapore’s infamous Changi Prison, along with hundreds of other women jailed there as POWs during the Second World ...

The Spoon Stealer

Emmeline has liberated hundreds of spoons over her lifetime—from the local library, Cary Grant, Winston Churchill. She is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she ...

Gorgeous War

By (author) Tim Blackmore
Categories: Media studies

Gorgeous War examines ways in which modernist design ideals influenced German and American heraldry, and argues that the two visual worlds form the foundations of contemporary corporate brand programs. ...

Land Beyond the Sea

By (author) Kevin Major
Categories: Historical fiction


In the small hours of October 14, 1942, a German U-boat sank ...

Polish War Veterans in Alberta

By (author) Aldona Jaworska
Categories: Second World War

In the aftermath of World War II, more than 4,500 Polish veterans, displaced by war and the Soviet-oriented Polish government, were resettled in Canada as farm workers; 750 of these men were accepted ...

Emperor's Orphans, The

By (author) Sally Ito
Categories: Second World War

From the shadows of postwar Canada and Japan to the vast Canadian prairies of the new millennium, The Emperor’s Orphans explores cultural identity through movements of place and voice. The story Sally ...