Exporting to the United States

Join us for this free webinar to develop your export expertise in the US market hosted by strategic consultant, Michael Johnson.

Whether your goal is to build your export potential by learning about promotional opportunities or distribution mechanisms, this webinar will provide key insights to increase your export knowledge and to help you properly evaluate the efforts needed to export your titles into this market.

Designed to provide concrete information for Canadian publishers who seek to maximize their export strategies, this webinar includes:

  • US market segments
  • Wholesalers and distributors
  • Changes with the key players of the US retail and distribution network
  • Major conferences and associations

This live webinar is followed by an interactive Q&A period with the host.

Watch a video of this webinar

Exporting to the United States from Livres Canada Books on Vimeo.

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Your Host


Michael Johnson has been in the book distribution business for over 30 years. Fifteen of those years were at Follett Corporation where he had a variety of jobs across several divisions including running the division called Follett Digital Resources. In 2008, Michael founded the strategic consulting firm, Full Potential Associates, and he has focused that work on the blend of publishing/technology/education. His consulting work puts him in an excellent position to keep tabs on all aspect of the publishing and sales ecosystem. Full Potential Associates has done projects around the world including firms such as Bowker, Scholastic, Tech-logic, Macmillan Hong Kong, and SMART Technologies. In addition, Mr. Johnson has been a consultant for Livres Canada Books for many years and is familiar with both English and French-Canadian publishers.