Print-on-Demand as an Export Tool (English webinar)

Join us for a webinar offering key insights into insights into Print-on-Demand (POD) as an export tool for Canadian publishers, hosted by industry expert and POD specialist, Mark Leslie Lefebvre.

Print-on-demand offers publishers the flexibility and control to print just-in-time inventory books on an as-needed basis to fulfill orders, reducing warehousing and shipping costs. With POD, publishers can take advantages of print-local options all over the world, saving on expensive shipping, warehousing and frustrating time delays, not to mention reducing their carbon footprint.

Just as there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach for every title in a publisher’s catalog, POD can be used to print entire print-runs or one book at a time depending on a publisher’s specific needs and budgets for various frontlist and backlist titles and ongoing projects.

Designed to provide concrete information for Canadian publishers who seek to better access international markets at lower costs, this webinar will address:

  • POD as a tool for international sales
  • How POD is already being used by publishers
  • How to identify opportunities for leveraging POD
  • Examples of partnerships and collaborations with booksellers
  • The pricing and economics of POD
  • Quality, look and feel of POD books
  • POD distributors and wholesalers
  • Difference between POD and short run digital printing
  • POD set-up requirements
  • POD and discoverability

This practical, hands-on webinar provides publishers with the knowledge to help them increase global presence and sales using this unique export tool.

The French-language webinar on this topic is available on the French-language webinar page.

Your Host

Mark Leslie Lefebvre is a writer, editor and bookseller and digital publishing evangelist. He has worked in the book industry since 1992, the same year his first short story was published. Mark has consistently leveraged emerging technologies within the publishing space, including an accessible online platform for publishers of all sizes to get their book catalogues listed into Chapters/Indigo’s master database, implementing an Espresso Book Machine to bring Print-on-Demand technology into the bookstore at McMaster University, and founding the hugely successful indie publishing platform Kobo Writing Life, for Toronto’s Rakuten Kobo, Inc. Mark’s industry experience includes President of the Canadian Booksellers Association, Board Member of BookNet Canada, Director of Author Relations and Self-Publishing for Rakuten Kobo, Director of Business Development for Draft2Digital and Professional Advisor for Sheridan College’s Creative Writing and Publishing Honours Program. He has spoken about opportunities within digital publishing throughout North America and Europe.

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