TCS: Exporting to France

Interested in exporting to France? Consultants Mathias Echenay and Phi-Anh Nguyen of Axiales  will provide key insights to increase your export knowledge and help you properly evaluate the efforts needed to export your titles into the French market. This webinar will include information about key players in publishing and distribution, sales and distribution channels, as well as rights sales.

This webinar was organized by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service as part of the Canada on the road to the Frankfurt Book Fair B2B initiative.


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This webinar follows the release of a new France market guide produced in 2021 by Livres Canada Books with the support of the Trade Commissioners Service (TCS) of the Embassy of Canada in France. If you would like to get a copy of the market guide, please contact:


Your Hosts

Mathias Echenay began his career as a sales representative for Seuil. After working with Flammarion and Interforum, he was then Executive Director of CDE and CEO of FED (Gallimard / Madrigall group). Today, with his business as a publisher at La Volte, a house he founded in 2004, he is also a consultant at Axiales serving publishers and broadcasters on commercial matters.

Axiales is a consulting company bringing together experienced professionals, who have exercised operational responsibilities in the various businesses of the sector: publishing, marketing, promotion, distribution, bookstores, etc. Responsibilities exercised in both private and public structures, large or small, independent, or integrated into groups.

A professional for over twenty years (Dorling Kindersley, Gallimard Jeunesse, Hachette Jeunesse, independent agent and consultant since 2008), Phi-Anh Nguyen is a recognized specialist in copyright and secondary rights: translation, derivatives, audiovisual. He is also a professional trainer and consultant for publishing houses wishing to develop the transfer of translation rights and co-publishing, and developer of software dedicated to the publishing sector (copyright, translation rights).