Rebellion and Confederation

Par (auteur) Jean-Francois Lozier
Catégories: History
Séries: Souvenir Catalogue series, 9 ISSN 2291-6385
Éditeur: Canadian Museum of History
Paperback : 9780660203072, 124 pages, Mars 2015

La description

On July 1, 1867, Confederation was proclaimed. It marked the birth of today’s Canada and the culmination of a process that took nearly 30 years. 1867: Rebellion and Confederation invites us to explore the journey of a society in transition and of people who fought, negotiated, and made compromises to better coexist. By presenting the pivotal moments that led to the drafting of the British North America Act, the souvenir catalogue helps us recognize a legacy that is still echoed in our identity, our values and our institutions.

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