Table des matières

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1 Finding Voice, Making Sense



(First Nations, Canada)

3 Land and Life

(First Nations, Canada)




5 The Messenger

(Chicago, Illinois)

6 The Gale Began to Rise

(Newfoundland, Canada)

7 The Whole Truth


8 Passion in the Archives


9 9/11/01

(New York)

10 9/11/01 + 2

(New York)

11 History on the Floor

(labour, Canada)

12 Turning the Tables

(on the author)

13 A Really Tender One-Night Stand

(gay, Canada)

14 Keep Asking Questions!

(Cleveland, Ohio)

15 A Map of the Holy Land


Oral History Resources List


La description

An Unauthorized Biography of the World explores the practice of engaged oral history: the difficult, sometimes dangerous work of recovering fragments of human story that have gone missing from the official versions.

Michael Riordon has thirty years’ experience as a writer and broadcaster in the field. Readers will encounter a gallery of brave, passionate people who gather silenced voices and lost life stories. The canvas is broad, the stakes are high: the battles for First Nations lands in Canada; environmental justice in Chicago; genocide in Peru; homeless people organizing in Cleveland; September 11/01, and after, in New York City; gay survivors of electroshock in Britain; the struggle to preserve a people’s identity in Newfoundland; peasant resistance to a huge transnational gold mine in Turkey.