Bubblegum Delicious

La description

Bubblegum Delicious is a brand-new book of poetry from internationally acclaimed children’s author, Dennis Lee. Together with spectacular illustrations by David McPhail, the book is an important children’s publishing event.

Using the rhymes and rhythms of ball bounces and schoolyard and street rhymes, Lee has created a breathtaking collection of poems that contain all the wonder and wistfulness of childhood - from sublime goofiness to winsome poignancy.

David McPhail has created a complementary world - real but magical, peopled with a young boy, his beloved dog and a wacky collection of psychedelic bugs. These bugs, in turn, deliver their own world of verse-a world of bratty, hilarious quatrains that act as a delightful counterpoint to the whimsey and gentleness of the main poems.

From the poet who brought us Alligator Pie, Garbage Delight and Jelly Belly comes a collection destined to join these titles as a classic of Canadian childrens’ literature. (2000)