Business the NHL Way

Lessons from the Fastest Game on Ice

Par (auteur) Norm O'Reilly & Rick Burton
Avant-propos de Gary Bettman
Postface de Hayley Wickenheiser
Catégories: Hockey, Sports d’hiver, Sports et plein air
Éditeur: University of Toronto Press
Hardcover : 9781487508760, 328 pages, Octobre 2022

Table des matières


Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner

A Word from the Authors

1. It Starts at the Top
2. Why the World’s Business Leaders Use Sport to Drive Themselves
3. Why Ice Hockey Matters during Global Challenges
4. “Smart” Copycats Can Run with the Big Dogs
5. “Brand” New Offerings with Creativity
6. Innovation: How the NHL Has Thrived in This Space
7. Veterans Matter: The Case Study of Zdeno Chára
8. Market the NHL Way: Relevant to the Day
9. Women’s Professional Ice Hockey and the True Value of Inclusion
10. Conflict Management: What Can We Learn from the NHL?
11. Modern Cautionary Tales for Business: Cherry, Rhéaume, Peters, and Chicago’s Blackhawks
12. Two Birds, One Stone

Hayley Wickenheiser


La description

Business the NHL Way draws on hockey-inspired stories to show how brands, institutions, and individuals associated with the NHL have consistently survived a variety of challenges and thrived as a result of its decisions. This revised and expanded edition explores business-related scenarios from the sport of hockey and links each lesson back to business, leadership, diversity, management, and sport outcomes.

Using ice hockey as an analogy for life, Norm O’Reilly and Rick Burton – leaders in the business of sports and former amateur hockey players – inform business and industry professionals on best practices to achieve strategic outcomes and career advancement. The book aims to help businesses emerge from the financial and health disruptions of the global COVID-19 pandemic that not only altered the future of hockey but threatened business sustainability in every sector. Business the NHL Way will appeal to both casual and passionate hockey fans, as well as anyone eager to follow in the footsteps of a successful professional sports organization.