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Introduction / Tim Cook and J.L. Granatstein

1 The Long 1919: Hope, Fear, and Normalcy / Alan Bowker

2 Coming Home: How the Soldiers of Canada and Newfoundland Came Back / Dean F. Oliver

3 “Playing With Fire”: Canadian Repatriation and the Riots of 1919 / William F. Stewart

4 New Battlegrounds: Treating VD in Belgium and Germany, 1918-19 / Lyndsay Rosenthal

5 “L’honneur de notre race”: The 22nd Battalion Returns to Quebec City, 1919 / Serge Marc Durflinger

6 Demobilization and Colonialism: Indigenous Homecomings in 1919 / Brian R. MacDowall

7 Victory at a Cost: General Currie’s Contested Legacy / Tim Cook

8 Dealing with the Wounded: The Evolution of Care on the Home Front to 1919 / Kandace Bogaert

9 In Death’s Shadow: The 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic and War in Canada / Mark Osborne Humphries

10 The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919: The Role of the Veterans / David Jay Bercuson

11 The Group of Seven and the First World War: The Burlington House Exhibition / Laura Brandon

12 Domestic Demobilization: Letters from the Children’s Page / Kristine Alexander

13 “At Peace with the Germans, but at War with the Germs:” Canadian Nurse Veterans after the First World War / Mélanie Morin-Pelletier

14 A Timid Transformation: The First World War’s Legacy on Canada’s Federal Government / Jeff Keshen

15 Politics Undone: The End of the Two Party System / J.L. Granatstein

16 Growing Up Autonomous: Canada and Britain through the First World War and into the Peace / Norman Hillmer

17 Past Futures: Military Plans of the Canadian and Other Dominion Armies in 1919 / Douglas E. Delaney

18 The Navy Reborn, an Air Force Created? The Making of Canadian Defence Policy, 1919 / Roger Sarty

19 “Our Gallant Employees”: Corporate Commemoration in Postwar Canada / Jonathan F. Vance

Conclusion / Tim Cook and J.L. Granatstein

Selected Bibliography; Index

With compelling insight, Canada 1919 exposes the ways in which the First World War shaped and changed Canada – and the ways it did not.

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With compelling insight, Canada 1919 examines the concerns of Canadians in the year following the Great War: the treatment of veterans, including nurses and Indigenous soldiers; the rising farm lobby; the role of labour; the place of children; the influenza pandemic; the country’s international standing; and commemoration of the fallen. Even as the military stumbled through massive demobilization and the government struggled to hang on to power, a new Canadian nationalism was forged. This fresh perspective on the concerns of the time exposes the ways in which war shaped Canada – and the ways it did not.


All the articles are short and highly readable and provide multiple notes for further research that will prove useful to beginning researchers.

- S. Perreault

Altogether, this is a fascinating collection of papers and recommended reading for anyone interested in the history of Canada’s role in the Great War.

- Jim Blanchard, Librarian Emeritus, University of Manitoba

This work is fantastic, and the breadth of topics covered truly gives the reader a rich flavor of the issues facing not just Canada, but global democracies at the end of the First World War.

- Marc Sanko, Clarion University of Pennsylvania

This collection of essays by established historians and emerging scholars, based on a 2019 conference at the Canadian War Museum, provides a richly detailed, if not quite comprehensive, portrait of Canada on the precipice of modernity.

- Jack Cunningham, Trinity College, University of Toronto