Canada's Forgotten Slaves

Two Centuries of Bondage

Texte de Marcel Trudel
Traduit par George Tombs
Catégories: History
Éditeur: Véhicule Press
Paperback : 9781550653274, 398 pages, Septembre 2013

La description

Canada’s Forgotten Slaves is a ground-breaking work by one of French Canada’s leading historians, available for the first time in English. It reveals that slavery was very much a part of everyday life in colonial Canada under both the French and British regimes. By combing through unpublished archival records of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, Marcel Trudel was able to give a human face to the over 4,000 Aboriginal and Black slaves bought, sold and, above all, exploited in colonial Canada.


"This book provides the only available outline of the contours of the slave system . .. in seventeenth and eighteenth-century New France. " -Canadian Historical Review

"A major and controversial work. " -Le Devoir