Canadian Studies in the New Millennium

Édité par Patrick James & Mark J. Kasoff
Catégories: History
Éditeur: University of Toronto Press
Paperback : 9780802094681, 320 pages, Novembre 2007

Table des matières


Map of Canada

Introduction - Patrick James (University of Southern California) and Mark Kasoff (Bowling Green State University)

1 Canada: Too Much Geography?  - Michael J. Broadway (Northern Michigan University)

2 Canadian History in North American Context - John Herd Thompson (Duke University) and Mark Paul Richard (State University of New York at Plattsburgh)

3 Politics and Government - Munroe Eagles (University at Buffalo - State University of New York) and Sharon A. Manna (North Lake College)

4 The Economy - Mark Kasoff (Bowling Green State University) and Paul Storer (Western Washington University)

5 Population and Immigration Policy - Roderic Beaujot (University of Western Ontario) and Muhammed Munib Raza (University of Western Ontario)

6 Quebec’s Destiny - Louis Bélanger (Universite Laval) and Charles F. Doran (Johns Hopkins University)

7 Literary and Popular Culture - Andrew Holman (Bridgewater State University) and Robert Thacker (St. Lawrence University)

8 Native Peoples - Michael Lusztig (Southern Methodist University)

9 Women’s Issues - Patrice LeClerc (St. Lawrence University)

10 Environmental Policy - Leslie R. Alm (Boise State University) and Ross E. Burkhart (Boise State University)

11 Civil Society and the Vibrancy of Canadian Citizens - Lea Caragata (Wilfrid Laurier University) and Sammy Basu (Willamette University)

12 Canadian Foreign Policy - Douglas Nord (Western Washington University) and Heather Smith (University of Northern British Columbia)

13 Trends and Prospects - Mark Kasoff (Bowling Green State University ) and Patrick James (University of Southern California)

La description

The field of Canadian Studies is a growing discipline, particularly in the United States. This introductory text offers a thorough and accessible approach to Canadian Studies through comparative analyses of Canada and the United States, their histories, geographies, political systems, economies, and cultures. Among the topics addressed are ways in which Canadian national development has been influenced by the U. S., the role of geography in shaping the country’s evolution, and the persistent question of Canada’s French-speaking minority, which has been an important and divisive issue since the 1500s. Canadian Studies in the New Millennium is an excellent introduction to Canadian Studies, with chapters written by leading scholars and educators in the field. At a time in which there is a growing mutual dependence between the U. S. and Canada for security, trade, and investment, this text is an ideal tool for understanding the close relationship between the two countries, their shared experiences, and their differing views. Canadian Studies in the New Millennium will be of significant value to students, educators, and practitioners.