Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter

Liberalism, Communitarianism, and Systemism

Table des matières

1 Constitutional Politics in Canada: The Charter and Beyond

2 Systemism and Canadian Constitutional Politics

3 Identifying Concepts and Theories

4 Liberal Theories: Negative Identity, Megapolitics, and Institutional Imbalance

5 Communitarian Theories: Asymmetrical Federalism and the Citizens’ Constitution

6 A Critique and Comparison of Liberal and Communitarian Theories

7 Conclusion




By adding clarity to debates on constitutional politics after the Charter, this book sharpens our vision not only of the past but also the future of Canada.

La description

Since the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was introduced, Canada has experienced more than twenty-five years of constitutional politics and countless debates about the future of Canada. There has, however, been no systematic attempt to identify general theories about Canada's constitutional evolution. Patrick James corrects this oversight. By adding clarity to familiar debates, this succinct assessment of major writings on constitutional politics sharpens our vision of the past – and the future – of the Canadian federation.