Dreams and Due Diligence

Till & McCulloch's Stem Cell Discovery and Legacy

Par (auteur) Joe Sornberger
Catégories: Histoire de la médecine, Médecine, Médecine et services de santé
Éditeur: University of Toronto Press
Hardcover : 9781442644854, 184 pages, Octobre 2011

Table des matières




Part I: Discovery
1. On a Sunday in 1960
2. After the A-Bomb, before the Beatles
3. The Impossible partnership

Part II: Development
4. A bunch of kids having a good time
5. The progeny

Part III: Today and Tomorrow
6. Ethics, hope and hype
7. The evil twin: the cancer stem cell
8. The beneficiary
9. The future
10. Little fame, no Nobel


La description

In proving the existence of stem cells, Ernest Armstrong McCulloch and James Edgar Till formed the most important partnership in Canadian medical research since Frederick Banting and Charles Best, the discoverers of insulin. Together, Till and McCulloch instructed, influenced, and inspired successive generations of researchers who have used their findings to make huge advances against disease. Thousands of people who would have died from leukemia and immunological disorders now owe their lives to therapies developed from their discoveries. Despite their accomplishments, Till and McCulloch remain largely unknown, and until now, their story has remained untold. Dreams and Due Diligence vividly chronicles the work of two researchers who made medical history – two men who possessed exactly the right complementary talents to achieve greatness and win nearly every award available in medical research. Bringing their legacy to life for the first time, Joe Sornberger provides a dramatic account of the development of stem cell research, one of today's most ground-breaking medical scientific fields.