Fake It So Real

La description

Fake it so Real takes on the fallout from a punk-rock lifestyle—the future of “no future. ” It’s 1983, and Gwen, a Nancy Spungen look-alike, meets Damian, the enigmatic leader of a punk band. Seven years and two unplanned pregnancies later, Damian abandons Gwen, leaving her to raise their two daughters on her own. This raw and honest look at family life is told from the underbelly, showing all the pain and ecstasy that accompany a life lived authentically.


  • Winner, ReLit Award for Novel 2021


“Dorothy’s Rainbow could have arguably been the best punk band, or any band, to ever come out of Victoria, British Columbia...but as the garden city was known for its passive-aggressive nature and no one ever really argued about anything, ‘the Rainbow’ seemed doomed to obscurity. Until now...”

- Tom Holliston, Nomeansno

“Tender and lacerating. A jolt and a thump. Reading this book is a downright bodily experience.”

- Zoey Leigh Peterson, author of <i>Next Year, For Sure</i>

“This is it. Nobody rocks a sentence like Susan Sanford Blades. Precise and furious at the same time, her writing thrums with the pure energies of sex and music, deep longing and deeper love. This family, these girls and these women, their lives are not like the ones you read about in Alice Munro, but this art is the same: vital, honest and unafraid.”

- Alexander MacLeod, author of <i>Light Lifting</i>

“Blades’ debut is a gritty, breathtaking portrait of parenthood and the ghosts in every family.”

- Courtney Eathorne, <i>Booklist</i>