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Introduction and Overview
PART I: Conceptualizing and Studying Continuity, Diversity, Inequality, and Social Change in Families
Chapter 1: Family Matters: An Introduction to the Sociology of Canadian Families
Chapter 2: Family Theory and Methods: Windows on Families and Family Research
Chapter 3: Canadian Families in Anthropological, Cross-cultural, and Global Perspective
Chapter 4: Aboriginal Families, Immigration, and the Changing Ethnic Mosaic of Canadian Families
Chapter 5: More Than a Labour of Love: Gender and the Cult of Domesticity
PART II: The Life Course of Families across the Generations
Chapter 6: Close Relations in Youth and Young Adulthood: Intimacy, Sexuality, Commitment, and Family Formation
Chapter 7: Families and Children in the Early Years: Childhood, Socialization, and Shifting Ideologies of Parenthood
Chapter 8: All Our Families: Diversity, Continuity, and Challenge in Lesbian, Gay, and Transgendered Families
Chapter 9: Family Dissolution and the Brady Bunch: Separation, Divorce, and Remarriage
Chapter 10: Families in the Middle and the Launching of Children: Home-Leaving, Boomerang Kids, and the Empty Nest
Chapter 11: Aging Families and the Sunset Years: Caregiving and Support across the Generations
PART III: Critical Issues Facing Families and Social Policy
Chapter 12: Families Facing Health Challenges and the Creation of Healthy Lifestyles
Chapter 13: Trying to Make Ends Meet: Family Poverty, Living on the Margins, and Economic Struggle
Chapter 14: Families in Crisis: Family Violence, Abuse, and Stress
Chapter 15: Families and the State: Family Policy in an Era of Globalization and Economic Restructuring
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This refreshingly succinct and engaging introduction to family sociology in Canada has a strong focus on contemporary theory and research on a wide variety of substantive issues relevant to the lives of students from diverse family backgrounds. This book is organized into three interrelated areas: the study of continuity, diversity, inequality, and social change in families; the life course of families across the generations; and critical issues facing families today, including social policy issues.