Table des matières

  • : Words To Know To Read Me
  • : First Doorway: Getting Started On This
  • : Second Doorway: I Am Caged. Are You?
  • : Third Doorway: Glimpsing Light. Noticing Cracks. Slipping Between Bars
  • : Fourth Doorway: Spirits Open Doorways. Spring Traps
  • : Books I Have Read

La description

Stories, poems, and artwork that illustrate the struggles and strengths that this Aboriginal author exhibits, living everyday in intersecting, parallel, and sometimes colliding sociocultural realities are brought together in this personal memoir. The author shares her personal, painful, and spiritual discoveries of how life and worlds work through stories that have made her who she is—stories dealing with sexism, racism, and classism. Through a blend of original research, reflective journals, and creative use of dialogue, people, places, times, events, and beings come alive with the goal to enlighten, inspire, move, and surprise readers into new ways of seeing, believing, and being.