Table des matières

Preface ix
Constitutional Documents—Indexed xvii
Laws xvii
Cases xlv
Texts xlvi
Other Constitutional Laws xlvi
1. General Principles 1
2. Acquisition of Territory 11
3. Creation of Government 19
4. Acquisition of Property 37
5. Union, Transition to Union and Conditions of Union 49
6. Distribution of Powers 101
7. Executive Authority 115
8. Parliamentary Structures and Procedures 209
9. Distribution of Property 595
10. Territories, Parliamentary Structures and Procedures 639
11. Protection of Rights 817
12. Aboriginal Rights 835
13. Boundaries 843
14. Amendment of the Constitutions 877
Index 887

La description

Laws of the Constitution: Consolidated gathers all of the historical and contemporary constitutional documents pertaining to Canada, its provinces, and its territories, organized thematically and topically for ease of reference and supported by comprehensive lists and a thorough index. The volume excludes overridden and irrelevant documents. A must for academic libraries, Bur’s compilation is an indispensable resource for lawyers and scholars in Canadian constitutional law, as well as historians, political scientists, policy makers, and anyone interested in constitution-making.


  • Short-listed, Hugh Lawford Award for Excellence in Legal Publishing 2021


“Dr Bur’s new book is a treasure trove of Canadian constitutional law which is a most useful reference and also repays browsing by the curious…. Dr Bur has done an admirable job. ...” Greg Taylor, Law Institute Journal, September 2021