Making Men, Making History

Canadian Masculinities across Time and Place

Table des matières


Part 1: Expertise and Authority

1 Medical Men, Masculine Respectability, and the Contest for Power in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Quebec / Lisa Chilton

2 Accident Prevention in Early-Twentieth-Century Quebec and the Construction of Masculine Technical Expertise / Magda Fahrni

3 “The Spiritual Aspect”: Gordon A. Friesen and the Mechanization of the Modern Hospital / David Theodore

4 “I am still the Supt. in this plant”: Negotiating Middle-Class Masculinity in Edmonton Packinghouses in an Era of Union Strength, 1947–66 / Cynthia Loch-Drake

Part 2: Masculine Spaces

5 The Place of Manliness: Architecture, Domesticity, and Men’s Clubs / Annmarie Adams

6 “As Christ the Carpenter”: Work-Camp Missions and the Construction of Christian Manhood in Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century Canada / Norman Knowles

7 An Open Window on Other Masculinities: Gay Bars and Visibility in Montreal / Olivier Vallerand

Part 3: Performing Masculinities

8 Scales of Manliness: Masculinity and Disability in the Displays of Little People as Freaks in Ontario, 1900s–50s / Jane Nicholas

9 Claiming “Our Game”: Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Lacrosse and the Performance of Indigenous Nationhood in the Early Twentieth Century / Allan Downey

10 Sea Shepherds, Eco-warriors, and Impresarios: Performing Eco-masculinity in the Canadian Seal Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century / Willeen G. Keough

11 The New Quebec Man: Activism and Collective Improvisation at Petit Québec Libre, 1970–73 / Eric Fillion

Part 4: Boys to Men

12 Men’s Business: Masculine Adolescence and Social Projection in Selected Coming-of-Age Novels from Interwar Quebec / Louise Bienvenue and Christine Hudon

13 Boys and Boyhood: Exploring the Lives of Boys in Windsor, Ontario, during the Postwar Era, 1945–65 / Christopher J. Greig

14 Heroes on Campus: Student Veterans and Discourses of Masculinity in Post–Second World War Canada / Patricia Jasen

15 Constructing Canadianness: Terry Fox and the Masculine Ideal in Canada / Julie Perrone

Part 5: Men in Motion

16 Tough Bodies, Fast Paddles, Well-Dressed Wives: Measuring Manhood Among French Canadian and Métis Voyageurs in the North American Fur Trade / Carolyn Podruchny

17 “The Moral Grandeur of Fleeing to Canada”: Masculinity and the Gender Politics of American Draft Dodgers during the Vietnam War / Lara Campbell

18 Rebellion on the Road: Masculinity and Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs in Postwar Ontario / Graeme Melcher

Part 6: Faces of Fatherhood

19 Celebrating the Family Man: From Father’s Day to La Fête des Pères, 1910–60 / Peter Gossage

20 “I’m a lousy father”: Alcoholic Fathers in Postwar Canada and the Myths of Masculine Crises / Robert Rutherdale



La description

What has it meant to be a man in Canada? Percy Nobbs, architect, fisherman, fencer; Andy Paull, residential school survivor and athlete; Yves Charbonneau, jazz musician and commune member; “James,” black and gay in postwar Windsor. Who were these men, and how did they identify as masculine? Populated with figures both well known and unknown, Making Men, Making History reveals the dissonance between ideals of manhood and masculinity and the everyday lives of Canadian men and boys. This collection showcases some of the best new work in masculinity studies, exploring these themes entirely in Canadian historical settings.