Morgan has to figure out how to go to a birthday party but avoid seeing the scary movie promised as the main event. An early chapter book with a dyslexia-friendly features.

La description

In this new addition to the Morgan series, our hero is eager to go to a birthday party, but worried about the scary movie that will be the main event—plus the taunts of his frenemy, Aldeen. Will Morgan be able to cope with his fears? Morgan the Brave introduces a new, dyslexia-friendly format for early readers.


  • Winner, CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2018


"Morgan' predicament will be relateable to many young readers, as well as his experiences with peer pressure and teasing. It's reassuring to know that everyone gets scared sometimes, as Morgan himself realizes by the end of the birthday party!"

- Alice Albarda

"The large print and drawings on every two page spread will appeal to early readers . .. The illustration and layout are also billed as 'dyslexia friendly,' making the book attractive on many levels. "

- Christine McCrea,