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Clint Eastwood represents probably the single strongest icon of heroic masculinity in popular cinema over the past quarter-century. But how odd that, through ironic allusion and gesture, this figure seems continually to deconstruct its own stature. Such problems form the foundation for Bill Beard’s examination of Eastwood. Director, producer, and star, Eastwood has become one of the most important figures in American cinema today. This collection of linked essays examines Eastwood’s unique position as overpowering cinematic icon and creative filmmaker; as reflector, perpetuator, and even producer of mainstream cultural and ideological values; and as idiosyncratic, complex manipulator of the narrative he inhabits.


"[A]n illuminating look not only at Eastwood's development through some of his major films, but also. of American values over a forty-year period. " -Anne Lancashire, University of Toronto Quarterly, Winter 2001/2002, Letters in Canada, vol 71:1

"Unlike two other commendable academic works on Eastwood,. this volume integrates the subject's screen persona with his auteurist sensibility. Beard's introduction justifies the specific films studied in the five chapters that follow. Upper-division undergraduate and graduate-level film collections; general readers. " A. Hirsh, Central Connecticut State University, CHOICE

"Most certainly Beard has made a significant addition to the growing critical acknowledgment of Eastwood's importance in American filmmaking since 1960: both as a reflection of American social and cinematic values and as an ambiguous commentator on them. " - Anne Lancashire, University of Toronto Quarterly, Wwinter 2001/2002, Letters in Canada, vol 71:1