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Introduction - Kenneth G. Pryke and Walter C. Soderlund
Chapter 1: A Profile of Canadian History - Kenneth G. Pryke
Chapter 2: A Profile of Canadian Regionalism - Andrew Nurse
Chapter 3: The Canadian North - Bruce W. Hodgins
Chapter 4: A Commentary on Some Aspects of Canadian Culture - Len Kuffert
Chapter 5: Model of Virtue or Candidate for Censure? Assessing Canada's Treatment of Ethnic Minorities - Tamara Palmer Seiler
Chapter 6: Women in Canada: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Heather MacIvor
Chapter 7: Sport and Canadian Culture - Alan Metcalfe
Chapter 8: Political Institutions and Public Policy - Michael Howlett
Chapter 9: Globalization and Its Consequences in Canada - Stephen Brooks
Chapter 10: For Export: Multiculturalism and Globalization - Yasmeen Abu-Laban
Chapter 11: Organizing against Oppression: Aboriginal Women, Law, and Feminism - Patricia A. Monture-Angus
Chapter 12: Canadian Health Care - Antonia Maioni
Chapter 13: French-Language Literature in Canada - Cynthia T. Hahn
Chapter 14: Issues and Contexts: Canadian Literature in English - Karen E. Macfarlane
Chapter 15: As Birds Bring Forth the Sun - Alistair MacLeod
Chapter 16: Canadian Theatre: Visions and Revisions - Don Rubin
Chapter 17: Fragments or Persistence of Visions: Continuity in Canadian Film History - Andre Loiselle
Chapter 18: The Canadian Soundscape - Elaine Keillor
Chapter 19: Canadian Painting - Sandra Paikowsky
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This third edition of Profiles of Canada combines depth, breadth, sophistication, and readability to offer the student a comprehensive introduction to Canadian society. The editors have brought together contributions from a wide range of disciplines to create a fascinating overview of the various facets of Canadian life and culture.

The text includes aspects of the Canadian experience not usually found in introductory texts. The inclusion of a short story by Alistair MacLeod, for example, is an innovative departure from the academic writing of the other chapters, and provides the student of Canadian society with a sample of the finest in contemporary Canadian writing.

Editors Dr. Kenneth Pryke and Dr. Walter Soderlund have carried out a successful update of the earlier editions of this well-respected text. Aspects of Canada explored in this new edition include regionalism, the North, demography, ethnicity, culture, and sport.