Rain Comin' Down

Water, Memory and Identity in a Changed World

Par (auteur) Robert William Sandford
Catégories: Faune sauvage, Histoire naturelle, Loisirs et art de vivre
Éditeur: Rocky Mountain Books
Paperback : 9781771603171, 336 pages, Octobre 2019

La description

From one of the world’s foremost authorities on the connections between water, landscape, and our changing climate comes an intimate look at what drives one man’s obsession with the world’s most precious resource.
Robert Sandford has spent a lot time watching and thinking about water. This was not because he was predisposed to do so, but because the importance of water gradually caught up with who he was and what he was doing with his life.


"In Rain Comin’ Down: Water, Memory, and Identity in a Changed World, Sandford shares a series of meditations on water through lyrical, sometimes humorous, and thought-provoking essays in which topics of literature, religion, mythology, cultural history and science merge like meltwater creeks flowing to form a pulsating river. "

- Rocky Mountain Outlook

"Alternating between beauty and destruction, Rain Comin' Down is an inspired book. " - Alberta Views