La description

Buttressed by a wealth of new, collaborative research methods and technologies, the contributors of this collection examine women's writing in Canada, past and present, with 11 essays in English and 5 in French. Regenerations was born out of the inaugural conference of the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory held at the Canadian Literature Centre, University of Alberta, and exemplifies the progress of radically interdisciplinary research, collaboration, and publishing efforts surrounding Canadian women's writing. Researchers and students interested in Canadian literature, Québec literature, women’s writing, literary history, feminist theory, and digital humanities scholarship should definitely acquaint themselves with this work.


". their totality, [the essays] explore the worlds of Canadian women writers in both French and English, amplifying and enriching critical and literary traditions. ... Carrière and Demers are to be applauded for making a significant contribution to the literary history of female writers, editors, and readers in Canada. ... [T]he collection’s impressive breadth registers women writers’ sustained commitment to and active engagement in creating and nourishing literature in Canada. "

- Linda M. Morra

"Regenerations considers an extremely diverse range of media. order to interrogate the exclusivity of our understanding of authorship and readership. This innovative and inspiring collection provides sensitive readings of current issues facing women writers in the digital age. ... Regenerations considers the digital environment not only as a mode of communication, but also as a regenerative tool for drawing attention to past works that have been excluded or marginalized from literary histories. Original and insightful, this book demonstrates the exciting future of humanities scholarship and artistic production. "

- Alicia Fahey