Restructuring the European State

European Integration and State Reform

Par (auteur) Paolo Dardanelli
Catégories: Political Science
Éditeur: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773551527, 400 pages, Décembre 2017

Why European integration fuels state disintegration.

La description

This book examines why European integration fuels state disintegration. Dardanelli, a senior lecturer in comparative politics at the University of Kent, presents a systematic investigation of the connections between European integration and state restructuring.


"In this theoretically and methodologically sophisticated work, Dardanelli provides the most thorough and systematic empirical examination of this question to date. He concludes that European integration has had complex, multifaceted, and paradoxical impa

“Dardanelli’s argument that European integration has contributed to an important extent to state restructuring is interesting and innovative, and a helpful perspective through which he addresses the book’s main research question – how autonomist political parties’ rhetorical ‘use’ of European integration contribute to a country’s decentralization process – has not been explored before. ” Ruben Zaiotti, Dalhousie University and the author of Cultures of Border Control: Schengen and the Evolutions of European Frontiers