Sweet Like Saltwater

Par (auteur) Raywat Deonandan
Catégories: Fiction
Éditeur: Mawenzi House
Paperback : 9780920661772, 128 pages, Janvier 1999

Table des matières

Introduction (vii), Children of the Melange 91), Nataraj (7), King Rice (16), Far from Family (21), The Rhymer (31), On Germ Warfare and Bad Sex (39), The Reef (46), El Dorado (64), The Ten Thousand and One Directions (76), Seasonal Youth (85), Camel's Lips (88), Son of Caine (92), Sanjay and Allison (99), In Flight (103), While I Drink My Moccacino (108), Motherland (110)

La description

Sweet Like Saltwater marks a brilliant, highly original fiction debut. These stories … about a fanatical cricket supporter in rural colonial Guyana, an immigrant girl on the run on a Canadian backroad, a terrifying aquatic encounter in a faraway planetary colony of the future, a meeting of former neighbours on the banks of the Hudson … probe with acuity and a wry sense of humour the very modern condition of human exile and the search for freedom and belonging. "…quirky and engaging… at its satirical best it is amusing and incisive…" - The Globe and Mail


"Deonandan's prose is quirky and engaging. .. at its satirical best it is amusing and incisive. .." ?The Globe and Mail

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"Selvon writes with great charm and a fresh earthy naivete. ..''
- New York Times

"A simple, lyrical, moving writer. ''
- New Statesman

"He is excellent at conveying the heady mixture of excitement and apathy that characterize Trinidad. '' - Sunday Times

"A master yarn spinner. '' - The Globe and Mail