The Raids

The Nickel Range Trilogy, Volume 1

Par (auteur) Mick Lowe
Catégories: Roman d’aventures, Littérature et ouvrages de fiction
Éditeur: Baraka Books
Paperback : 9781771860123, 304 pages, Mai 2014

La description


“I just finished reading Mick Lowe’s most recent book The Raids: Volume One of the Nickel Range Trilogy. Lowe has woven a semi-fictional tale of mining, unionism, mystery and cold-war conspiracy around the book’s fictional protagonist, Jake McCool during 1960’s Sudbury Ontario. The Raids is vulnerable, exciting, interesting and informative. It grabbed me in the first chapter and never let go. I couldn’t recommend it more to others. Now that I’m done, I eagerly look forward to the next chapter of Jake McCool’s life (get writing Mick!)" —Jamie West, President, Sudbury & Districtt Labour Council, Ontario, Canada

"The Raids is a mystery novel. It has all the ingredients of this genre of fiction – a few murders and attempted murders, a little bit of sex, snappy dialogue, and a plot that gets on turning the pages . . . Utilizing the skills he developed over many years as a journalist, Lowe has picked the brains of numerous men who have spent their lives working underground in Sudbury extracting ore from the richest mineral deposits on the planet . . . Mick Lowe's imaginative depiction of cold war politics in Sudbury may prompt some enterprising student of Canada's labour history to delve into the archives of the US State Department. Who knows what she or he might find. " —John B. Lang, Trade Unionist, Labour historian

". . . a compelling story of political power, love and hatred all rolled into a gritty, hardhitting novel of the Nickel Range. " —David A. Patterson, hard rock miner, former president Local 6500, USWA

"The Raids is a fascinating excursion into unexplored realms in the Canadian past. ... Mick Lowe weave an intriguing tale based on intense political passions, memorable characters and dramatic conflicts. From the depths of the nickel mines to the fierce union hall confrontations to the beer-fueled conspiracies hatched in Sudbury's raucous bars, Lowe guides us through a tangled story that never fails to entertain. Lowe leaves the reader convinced that was is presented as fiction fits closely historical fact. " —Larry Hannant, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Victoria, History Instructor, Camosun College

"If part of a writer’s task is to take us places where we would never go, Mick Lowe does so magnificently in The Raids… Lowe knows [his subject] intimately from his days as a fearless reporter: in The Raids, he transforms that knowledge into unforgettable fiction. " —Jack Todd, author, The Taste of Metal and Sun Going Down