Table des matières

FOREWORD by Cosima Herter

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the trip

CHAPTER ONE: “How many of us are there?” The history & science of clones

CASE STUDY: Sarah Manning

CASE STUDY: Alison Hendrix

CHAPTER TWO: “There’s only one of me” Nature versus nurture

CASE STUDY: Cosima Niehaus

CHAPTER THREE: “You’re just a bad copy of me” Kendall Malone: one person, two cell lines

CASE STUDY: Elizabeth Childs

CASE STUDY: Tony Sawicki

CHAPTER FOUR: “This is my biology, my decision” Synthetic biology and human experimentation


CHAPTER FIVE: “My poor, poor Rachel” Rachel’s brain injury

CASE STUDY: Rachel Duncan

CHAPTER SIX: “Your little girls are dying” The clone disease

CASE STUDY: M. K. (Veera Suominen)

CASE STUDY: Krystal Goderitch

CHAPTER SEVEN: “And we, here, shall drink from the fountain first” Prolongevity and regeneration

THE CONVERSATION: Graeme Manson and Cosima Herter


Orphan Black and History: A Timeline

Selected Bibliography


La description

An official guide to the science in the hit TV show Orphan Black by science writers Casey Griffin and Nina Nesseth, featuring exclusive insights from co-creator Graeme Manson and science consultant Cosima Herter. The Science of Orphan Black takes you behind the closed doors of the Dyad Institute and inside Neolution.