Touch of the Zebras (A)

Par (auteur) Itah Sadu
Catégories: Children's Fiction
Éditeur: Three O'Clock Press , Canadian Scholars
Paperback : 9780889614109, 32 pages, Février 2003

La description

"I’m allergic to school!" Chelsea told her mother. This story, for children ages 5 to 8, is a playful, funny, touching, sensitive, groundbreaking story. It has all the elements that make a child excited, interested and eager to know "what happens next?" The main character, Chelsea, is the focus of the attention of the adults in her world. They are concerned to know what ails her and why she thinks that she is "allergic to school. "

Chelsea is suffering from "a touch of the Zebras. " The reader learns that this "touch of the Zebras" is connected to Chelsea’s mixed-race parentage. The reader then journeys with the child as her dilemma becomes a pleasant learning experience.

Itah Sadu has been weaving this story across the country, and the response has been tremendous. From the oral tradition to the page, this delightful story is full of fun and laughter. It also opens the door for dialogue in understanding multi-ethnic families.