a Novel

Par (auteur) Jodi Lundgren
Catégories: Fiction
Éditeur: Anvil Press
Paperback : 9781895636253, 170 pages, Janvier 1999

La description

‘Touched’ renders the emotional and intellectual implosion experienced by Jade King, a young university student. This debut novel challenges the social stigma attached to such altered states and traces the effects of physical violation and psychic trauma. Lundgren encourages a critical examination of current psychiatric labels and treatments through a narrative that interweaves family history, legal texts, medical documents-and brave, phantasmagoric writing.

" ‘Touched’ unfolds in poignant and insightful prose that clings to you long after you’ve turned the last page. " - Room Magazine

" ‘Touched’ is an admirably crafted, exceedingly disturbing first novel. " - Literature and Language