Transforming Provincial Politics

The Political Economy of Canada's Provinces and Territories in the Neoliberal Era

Table des matières

Introduction: Neoliberal Transformations
The Transformation of Provincial Politics: The Political Economy of Canada’s Provinces and Territories in a Neoliberal Era (Bryan Evans and Charles W. Smith)

Part One: Resistance and Neoliberal Restructuring in Atlantic Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador, 1979–2011: Contradiction and Continuity in a Neoliberal era (Sean T. Cadigan)

Politics on Prince Edward Island: Plus ça change… (Peter McKenna)

Nova Scotia: Fiscal Crisis and Party System Transition (Peter Clancy)

The Political Economy of New Brunswick: Selling New Brunswick Power (Don Desserud)

Part Two: Neoliberalism and the Decline of Central Canada

Québec Nationalism and Québec Politics from Left to Right (Peter Graefe)

The Transformation of Ontario Politics: The Long Assent of Neoliberalism (Bryan Evans and Charles W. Smith)

Part Three: Neoliberalism and the “New” West

The Politics of Inoculation in Manitoba: Sustaining Electoral Success through the Third Way (Byron Sheldrick)

Saskatchewan: From Cradle of Social Democracy to Neoliberalism’s Sandbox (Aidan D. Conway and J. F. Conway)

The Politics of Alberta’s One-Party State (Steve Patten)

British Columbia: The Neoliberal Politics of Centre-Right Coalition (Dennis Pilon)

Part Four: New Opportunities and Old Problems: The North

Managing the Moraine: Political Economy and Political Culture Approaches to Assessing the Success of Nunavut (Ailsa Henderson and Graham White)

The Northwest Territories: A New Day? (Gabrielle Slowey)

The Yukon: A New Era of First Nations Governance and Intergovernmental Relations (Gabrielle Slowey)

Epilogue: The Transformation of Provincial Societies

Mapping the Neoliberal Transformation in Canada’s Provinces (Bryan Evans and Charles W. Smith)

La description

Transforming Provincial Politics is the first province-by-province analysis of politics and political economy in more than a decade, and the first to directly examine the turn to neoliberal policies at the provincial and territorial level. Featuring chapters written by experts in the politics of each province and territory, Transforming Provincial Politics examines how neoliberal policies have affected politics in each jurisdiction. A comprehensive and accessible analysis of the issues involved, this collection will be welcomed by scholars, instructors, and anyone interested in the state of provincial politics today.


‘Provincial specialists often have crowded bookshelves. Because good material is dispersed and rare, many titles grace my shelves "just in case. " But this anthology arrives just in time – and I will work it hard for reference and teaching.

- Jamie Lawson

‘Readers of this book will learn a great deal about provincial politics over the past 35 years; their eyes will be opened to the "mystery" of territorial politics; they will obtain a fuller appreciation of the pervasiveness of neoliberalism at the provincial level. ’

- Rand Dyck

‘Evans and Smith’s edited volume must be an obligatory read for Canadianists, foreign policy analysts, international relations actors, economists, political economists, political scientists, and policy analysts that want to understand how neoliberalism operates at the local level. ’

- Stefano Tijerina

‘This volume provides a valuable analysis of each province…. Each chapter provides a useful historical account of recent economic, social, and political change… Recommended for students of Canadian politics. ’

- P.N. Malcolmson