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The Dodecahedron

Par (auteur) Paul Glennon
Catégories: Anthologies

The Dodecahedron, or A Frame for Frames is a kaleidoscopic novel … of sorts. Twelve stories of seemingly different genres cohere into a book of astonishing literary dimension.

Yours, Al

Par (auteur) Al Purdy
Édité par Sam Solecki
Catégories: Journaux intimes et correspondance

In this fascinating and funny collection of correspondence, Canada’s greatest poet lets it all hang out in spirited private exchanges with Pierre Trudeau, Carol Shields, Earle Birney, Anna Porter, Charles ...

Death in the Age of Steam

Par (auteur) Mel Bradshaw
Catégories: Anthologies

Toronto in 1856 is industrializing with little time for scruple or sentiment. When Reform politician William Sheridan dies suddenly and his daughter Theresa vanishes, only one man persists in asking questions. ...

Strike the Wok

Édité par Lien Chao & Jim Wong-Chu
Catégories: Anthologies

A young man contemplates piano lessons and hockey; two misfits in Chinatown discover love; a Vancouver woman fondly recalls her parent’s old house in Newfoundland; a girl goes to Canada to escape her ...

And Other Stories

Édité par George Bowering
Catégories: Anthologies

About 10 years ago, George Bowering and Linda Hutcheon came up with the idea for a short fiction collection called Likely Stories: A Postmodern Sampler. It was a great idea at a time when a lot of people ...

Modern Canadian Plays: Volume 1

Édité par Jerry Wasserman
Catégories: Théâtre

?I don’t see how a play can be Canadian. I don’t think there are any plays that you could call strictly Canadian ? What does that phrase mean?”

Now, thirty-three years after Canadian directors spoke ...

The Topography of Love

Par (auteur) Bernice Morgan
Catégories: Anthologies

The heart and spirit of an indomitable people travel far in time and space … The unexpected luxury of a day spent at the home of a Hollywood star leads three old friends to share secret facets of their ...


Édité par Srdja Pavlovic
Catégories: Anthologies
Séries: cuRRents

A dynamic collection of Alberta’s vibrant literary culture. Established names and emerging talents are brought together to demonstrate the outstanding calibre of writing in the province. Features contributions ...

Canadian Culture

The surest way to the hearts of a Canadian audience is to inform them that their souls are to be identified with rock, rapids, wilderness and virgin (but exploitable) forest. This critical statement no ...