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Free Speech in Fearful Times

How post-9/11 anti-terror laws have limited free speech in Canada and abroad

Following the events of 9/11, rashly conceived anti-terror laws were introduced that put civil liberties at risk, and eliminated ...

Mental Disorder and the Law

Over the past decade or so, Canada’s criminal justice system has had to deal with escalating numbers of mentally disordered offenders.

At the provincial level, a number of provinces have implemented ...

The Chrétien Legacy

Par (auteur) Lois Harder & Steve Patten
Catégories: Constitution

Lois Harder is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.
Steve Patten is associate professor, political science, University of Alberta.

Making Equality Rights Real

In the two decades since Section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms came into effect, the right to equality has been one of the most hotly contested Charter rights, being disputed in over ...

Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice

Drawing on theories of governmentality, Lippert traces the emergence of sanctuary practice to a shift in responsibility for refugees and immigrants from the state to churches and communities. Here sanctuary ...

The Companies We Keep

Par (auteur) Allan C. Hutchinson
Catégories: Droit des entreprises

A new corporate scandal seems to break every day. And not just in America: Canada has its Nortel, Bre-X, Livent, and Hollinger. In this book, Allan Hutchinson insists that a lasting solution to these ...

In the Public Interest

From Grokster to Google, copyright has emerged as one of the Internet’s most challenging legal issues. Once limited to a select group of scholars, copyright now captures front page headlines as millions ...