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What Ails France?

Par (auteur) Brigitte Granville
Catégories: Économie internationale

A provocative but constructive critique of the French model of technocratic, elite leadership. The author brings trenchant criticism to bear in this wide-ranging survey of the political economy of contemporary ...

Le 1% le plus riche

Par (auteur) Nicolas Zorn
Catégories: Économie internationale
Séries: PUM

En analysant l’évolution du 1% le plus riche au Québec, Nicolas Zorn montre bien comment les institutions jouent un rôle crucial dans la modération ou l’élargissement des inégalités, bien davantage ...

Alternative Trade

Par (auteur) Gavin Fridell
Catégories: Économie internationale

Free trade does not make a significantly positive contribution to a society’s well being, nor does real free trade exist. In Alternative Trade, Gavin Fridell confronts these assumptions through a passionate ...

Reclaiming Democracy

Par (auteur) Marguerite Mendell
Catégories: Économie internationale

Marguerite Mendell is vice-principal and associate professor at the School of Community and Public Affairs and director of the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University.


Par (auteur) John Bacher
Avant-propos de David Suzuki
Catégories: Économie politique

High gas prices aren’t the end of the world- but they may be the beginning of the end. This, at least, is the feeling of many who shudder at the staggering power oil-rich countries have over the world’s ...

Free Trade

Free Trade provides a historical framework for ongoing discussion of economic and environmental issues. While there is empirical evidence on trade flows - they increased dramatically in both directions ...