Gestion et techniques de gestion

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Business the NHL Way

Par (auteur) Norm O'Reilly & Rick Burton
Avant-propos de Gary Bettman
Postface de Hayley Wickenheiser
Catégories: Direction d’entreprise

The National Hockey League is at its apex in terms of its business success. Even a global pandemic could not slow it down. The league generates more than $5 billion annually, its revenues and media deals ...

Farm The City

Farm the City is an introduction to the principles, methods, and realities of starting an urban farm derived from the success of Sole Food Street Farms, one of the largest urban agricultural enterprises ...

The Talent Revolution

The definitive guide to maximizing workforce value, The Talent Revolution exposes work-life longevity as the most influential driver transforming today’s workplace—a competitive edge for organizations ...

Unleash Different

Par (auteur) Rich Donovan
Catégories: Direction d’entreprise

Unleash Different illustrates how companies like Google, PepsiCo, and Nordstrom are attracting people with disabilities as customers and as employees. Rich gives the reader a peek into how he rose from ...

Declutter Your Data

Technology makes things faster, and simpler. At the same time, with all the technology that surrounds us on a daily basis, we are awash in too much information. Our computers, phones, tablets, work projects, ...

Working in a Multicultural World

In Working in a Multicultural World, Nardon offers a comprehensive framework for understanding intercultural interactions and developing skills for successful intercultural situations. Numerous examples ...

GiveBack Economy

Recent studies have shown that more than 99% of business owners want to find ways to give back to their communities, and more than 60% of consumers prefer to do business with socially responsible companies. ...


Édité par Michael B. Davie
Catégories: Entreprenariat

It's Not Complicated

Par (auteur) Rick Nason
Catégories: Gestion et techniques de gestion

It’s Not Complicated offers a paradigm shift for business professionals looking for simplified solutions to complex problems. In his straightforward and highly engaging style, Rick Nason introduces the ...