Histoire de l’Océanie

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So Far and Yet so Close

Par (auteur) Warren Elofson
Catégories: Histoire de l’Océanie

A comparative study of frontier cattle ranching in two societies on opposite ends of the globe. It is also an environmental history that at the same time centres on both the natural and frontier environments. ...

Canadian Indian Cowboys in Australia

Par (auteur) Lynda Mannik
Catégories: Histoire de l’Océanie

The big new thrill at this year’s Royal Show will be the Chuck Wagon Races, with Red Indians in full war-paint going helter-skelter around the arena, chuck wagons swaying and jostling perilously, horse ...

Parties Long Estranged

This book brings together recent and original work to illuminate comparisons and contrasts between two former colonies of the British empire. The contributors include some of the top names in history ...