Sciences de l’environnement (Scolaire)

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Global Ocean, The

Par (auteur) Rochelle Strauss
Illustré par Natasha Donovan
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: CitizenKid

The global ocean is in trouble. This beautiful and important book explores the issues --- and what we can do to help.

Though we think of Earth's five oceans as separate and distinct, they are actually ...

Sky Wolf's Call

From healing to astronomy to our connection to the natural world, the lessons from Indigenous knowledge inform our learning and practices today.

How do knowledge systems get passed down over generations? ...

Join the No-Plastic Challenge!

Par (auteur) Scot Ritchie
Illustré par Scot Ritchie
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)
Séries: Exploring Our Community

Learn about the problem of single-use plastic—and what to do about it. On his birthday, Nick challenges his friends to spend the day without using any single-use plastic. This means they bring their ...

The Triumphant Tale of the House Sparrow

Par (auteur) Jan Thornhill
Illustré par Jan Thornhill
Catégories: Oiseaux (Jeunesse)

The extraordinary story of one of the most adaptable creatures on Earth. This fascinating book includes the life history of the House Sparrow and descriptions of how the Ancient Egyptians fed it to the ...

Bat Citizens

An introduction to the exciting world of bats! Ten young “bat citizens” who are invested in conservation efforts to save this important species are highlighted. Complete with index, glossary, and ...


From Meatless Mondays to vegan options, people are talking more about meat and whether or not to eat it. Journalist Sarah Elton tackles the topic by explaining what vegetarianism is, why people choose ...


Par (auteur) Michelle Mulder
Catégories: Technologies (scolaire)
Séries: Orca Footprints

Did you know that cars can run on french-fry grease or that human poop can be used to provide power to classrooms? Kids in Mexico help light up their houses by playing soccer, and in the Philippines, ...

The Sea Wolves

Photographies de Ian McAllister
Par (auteur) Nicholas Read
Catégories: Chiens, loups et autres canins (Jeunesse)

The Sea Wolves sets out to disprove the notion of ""the Big Bad Wolf,"" especially as it is applied to coastal wolves--a unique strain of wolf that lives in the rainforest along the Pacific coast of Canada. ...

Not Your Typical Book about the Environment

Par (auteur) Elin Kelsey
Illustré par Clayton Hanmer
Catégories: Enjeux environnementaux (Jeunesse)

We live in a time of heightened environmental awareness, and the stress of this pervasive alarmism is creating a generation of kids with feelings of eco-anxiety — the world is doomed, isn’t it? Maybe ...

Animals at the EDGE

EDGE (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) species are evolutionarily unique, which means if they don’t survive, there will be no similar species left on Earth. But all hope is not lost. ...